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Your real first name what where you named after ?

My real first name is Kelsey. And in Seattle there is a street called Kelsey that's what I am named after.
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Parents bought baby book, opened to page 1 and pinned whatever looked alright.

Oddly enough, true story. There was a circle around Aiden though but seems they went super basic.
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Street in Chicago I believe but they altered the spelling a lil bit

Damon to Daimon or something
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Myself! My name's Josh
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Yuri -- parents picked one of the most basic Russian names because they're about as unimaginative as me so here we are.

not that I really mind actually, quick and easy, plus whenever I get into Uber or Lyft from airport, almost always get the "I thought you were going to be a small Asian girl" and here comes this tall Russian who is usually drunk off his ass.
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Michael Jordan Because im the GOAT
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Andrew, I don't think my parents had any inspiration for it, pretty generic white dude name.

They did tell me though that their girl name for me was going to be Apricot, yes they were 100% serious. That's as bad as if they called me Daimon.
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Josiah, all of my brothers bedsides 2 all have names that start with J.

why Josiah? Idk.
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Name is Seamus (Shay-mus) but everyone just calls me James. My grandpa's name is James and Seamus actually means James.
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Me da, an he was named after his da been happning for 6 generations,
Names robert get called rab da gets called bobby an granda got called bob,
Idk if i ever want kids but if i do decide should i keep the name going for another generation just for the craic xD
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