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PC SupportYour First Discord Server [TUTORIAL] [5 STEPS] [PICS]Posted:

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Monument's Discord Server Setup Tutorial
If you need help setting one up,I am always available.

Before we get started I recommend using their application which can be found at their official website.

First step let's initiate creating our server.

Second step is to think of name for your server and upload a server avatar if you wish or can be done at a later time.

Third step let's delete the default channels and start creating our own structure.

Now remember if you want a text/voice channel to be in a certain category you will need to click the "+" sign on the right side of the created category. Also categories should always be created first.

It should then look like this.

Fourth step, Let's brighten the server up with icons and such. The link below is where you can the symbols.

Now let's add some icons, which will look something like this when done.

The Fifth step would be cleaning up roles and channel permissions find in "Server Settings".

Make sure to create a new role called "Founder" or "Administrator" or whatever you want.

Note 1: You can add icons to roles aswell.
Note 2: Active all permissions.


Once you have clicked "Save" then click "ESC" now click on your name in the online menu and set your role by right clicking then select "Roles" then left click "Founder" or whatever you put.


That is how you create a high quality discord server base in 5 steps. If you want more tutorials on specific tasks feel free to message me or leave a reply.

If you have any questions feel free to ask!

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SwizzlePick (02-13-2020)
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You should update it when you get a chance how to setup bots and go more in depth with the ranks! Otherwise this is a pretty good guide!
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SwizzlePick wroteYou should update it when you get a chance how to setup bots and go more in depth with the ranks! Otherwise this is a pretty good guide!

That would actually be really neat, setup my own server. Thanks
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