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Wassup everyone, just wondering do people charge for money drops ??
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I guess your talking about xbox 360 and ps4 since next gen money drops isnt possible, but maybe some people I dont,

I just mess around and then drop money for everyone and rank them up and unlock everything for them all for free
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How can I get an invite on PS4 mate ?
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kendall33 wroteHow can I get an invite on PS4 mate ?
Pretty sure he meant PS3.
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The user Mike host money drops for free

Here is a link to his thread

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i've seen a lot of people actually host it for free. just be patient and wait for the right timing when everyone is online.
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Cher's guys and I meant pc sorry.. forgot to mention that and it's not for me, I was gonna host them and was seeing if people are charging because i was just gonna do some lobbies for free
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A lot of people would love a free service man people are always looking for pc drops, it's a nice way to build a good reputation
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