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What is up my dudes, it has been a while since I've made a milestone post, and I think I've waited for a few solid accomplishments to finally post.

For starters, I recently became a 8 year member! Super hyped to join that club!
The other day I also hit 11k rep thanks to maDz and r00t for boosting me the final way.
I guess I'll use this as a way to be excited about the Winter 2019 badge and E3 2019 even though I'm very late on those...
Not really a milestone, but a year and a half now with All Time High, I'm pretty hyped on that!

I've never been good at making good looking or funny milestone posts, usually they just get to the point, but I do wanna say thanks to everyone I've became close with over the last 8 years and especially the last few years I've been hanging out in the Shoutbox.

There's no way I'm sober enough to remember you all, but here we go:
C4, Scizor, Nagisa, r00t, Nick, Petite, Spencer, cool bun bun, Elijah, maDz, Jimbo, Sean, Taylor, Xbox, Tom, Chris, Saki, Loke, Luke, Adam, Peer, Dil, and anyone else that I might be missing... thank you guys for being such great **** people. I really do enjoy the community we have around here, even if most of it is just banter, memes, and lowering each others self esteem, I'm always enjoying my time here on TTG.

Here's to year #9 chads!

C4 is not actually my friend and i am not thankful for him please staff for the love of god finally ban that stupid ass

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Congrats man! 8 years is a long time for anything. You will be at 10 years before you know it.
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Congrats on 8 years
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Congrats on your various milestones!
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grats on 8 year member 11k rep random badges

u r aMazeing
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Congratulations to my good friend maze you are beautiful
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Congrats on 8 years and 11k rep maze
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Congrats on the milestones man!

Keep being a idiot
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Congrats on those milestones Maze. See ya in the shoutbox. Maybe one of these days I'll make my milestone.
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