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My question is to all of you old enough, how long into your relationship did you propose to your partner if you have already?
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TJ wroteMy question is to all of you old enough, how long into your relationship did you propose to your partner if you have already?

It took 7 years and 2 kids for me to pop the question. I proposed on her birthday, we were getting our pictures taken I told her I had to tie my shoe quick (excuse to get on 1 knee) then I pulled the box out my sock n she lost it

Good luck make sure she's a good one bro
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Got a buddy who got engaged after 9 months and have another who has been with theirs for 4 years and still haven't. I don't think it matters how long you've been dating, just when you know you know.
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I agree with tricks on this one. My girlfriends parents were married after knowing each other for 6 months. And they're still together 25 years later
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Marriage is overrated if you're not religious, just have a civil union if you really need it.
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This has been a hard one for my girlfriend and I. She's Mormon so she wants to get married after 6 months, but in my opinion there's no point in rushing the rest of your life so I have no problem waiting 10 years. There is no right time but once you feel you spent enough time with that person and you're comfortable with who they are and you think you can spend the rest of your life with them then that is a good time to propose.
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2 years down the line with my girlfriend.

I'm 23 and she is 36 , 13 year age gap and I haven't proposed and put a ring on her finger. We are very very happy and not intentions yet to do so
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ive been with her for 3 years before i proposed, figured i wanted to stay with her so might as well make my commitment more visual? idk. she said yes tho lads
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