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big vouch to Flew for hosting again thx bro appreciate this
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Online and hosting
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Everyone buy from my man, he's hooked it up he's got the best prices onsite and he's the fastest
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Vouch For Flew Fast And Easy Service Dont Hesitate To Purchase
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Welcome to Flews boosting service!

Latest & current deals ongoing:

Every Call of Duty games from WW2, Modern Warfare Remastered & Black ops 4 will only be $10 an hour. This exclusive deal will end on the release of the next Call of duty title "Modern Warfare" - 10/25/19. Grab yourself a bargain.

What I offer, who I am & other information:

I have been hosting boosting/bot lobby's since the release of WW2, with over 2 years of experience & the original first shop to be ran I know exactly what to do & the next outcome for you. I offer great increase of XP, progression towards levelling up, headshots to gain camos & others like, medals challenges, boost K/D ratios etc.

In these lobby's, I run 6 Xbox's on whatever game you choose to boost once you join the lobby you simply kill these "bot" accounts in order to achieve what it is you wish for.

There has currently been not one suspension throughout my services. So there's no worry about losing your account or stats.

Black ops 4 Prices;
SnD Lobby's - $6 an hour
Objective Games - $40 an hour
1 Gold Weapon - $20
1 Set of Diamond weapons - $40
Dark matter completion - $290
1 Prestige Self play - $50
Master Prestige self play - $550
Master Prestige & Dark matter $750
Nuketown 24/7 - $60 An Hour
24/7 Access until next title - $250

WW2 Prices
Any game mode - $35 an hour
Any game mode - $10 a game
1 Prestige Self play - $20
1 Prestige Recovery - $30
1000 Kills - $40
Reach master Prestige - $300
1 Gold Gun - $20
1 Set of Diamond guns - $35

MWR Prices:
Shipment 24/7 - $40 an hour
CTF Quick levelling - 30 an hour
Any game mode - $10 an hour
1 Prestige Self play - $40
1000 Kills - $30
1 Gold Weapon - $18
Regal Camo unlock - $45
Exclusion Zone - $250
Real Master Prestige - $550
(Level to 20th Prestige, Level 56)

Not all prices are valid, prices can be discussed via PM's. Feel free to chuck me a message with your enquiry & I'll get back to you as soon as possible. I am very regularly online, so response shouldn't be to long.

Payments I currently am taking: PayPal, Venmo & Amazon cards only at the moment.

A little disclaimer you MUST read

I, nor thetechgame take any responsibility for any kind of suspension the may occur after the purchase nor do I offer any refunds regarding suspensions. So boost at your own risk.

Other contact options:

Add my Xbox live - MaFiA FLEW v (feel free to add me or send me a message. Although as my messages are bombarded frequently it may take longer than a PM.

Proof: (insert proof)
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I vouch for flew he's a chill dude and a good host
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Online and hosting
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Another smooth transaction with my boy flew, dont hesitate to purchase anything from this user. He always hooks it up and makes sure your satisfied

Got my vouch always
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Big vouch for Flew. He hooked me up with a great deal for WW2. Fast service and very friendly. I highly recommend trying him out if you haven't. Thanks again
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