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I know its been out for over week but what are your thoughts on it?

Does it feel pretty much the same as fifa 19?

Ive been playing fifa since fifa 12 and ive reached a point where it doesnt feel as it once used to.

The FUT market is jacked up and controlled by users who spend alot on the game and not to mention youtubers.

I know , i know, its their money but this just makes EA become even more greedy. The way FUT is scripted on FIFA 19 has just completely made me stay away from fifa 20.

Or am i thinking wrong? Is FIFA 20 really worth buying?

What are your thoughts?

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Loving it it's just an updated version of the previous games.

My pack luck is definitely got better lmao
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i absolutely hate it,gameplay is so slow,if you get inside the back 4 is always a shot on goal,its just give the ball to pacey wingers and you get a shot,i have gone back to fifa 19,im done with 20 already,i honestly wish i never bought it,i think its that bad,yes im not very good at it but i prefer the speed and gameplay of 19
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I Love this Game, and my pack luck is Crazy this year
packed van der sar 89 and OTW de Jong
Also the gameplay feels pretty smooth
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One of the better FIFAs that has been released. Gameplay is much much better. Have to disagree with the market being jacked up because of FIFA points, its down to how easy it is to make coins.
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I hated it at first becuase it felt slow, but i think i had a bad connection at first.

I like how you actually have to defend in this game. The AI cant do it all for you.

I also packed neymar in my welcome back pack, so that has got me set up with a 500kish team going jnto the first weekend league.

Its better than 19, but who knows. They also release a patch to make the game feel shitty.
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So having EA access gave me 10 hrs of fifa 20.

My take after few matches in FUT.

It looks like what carlooch said was true. You actually have to defend this year. But o e thing i found cery very annoying.
I have a Loan Van Dijk, and it seems as if even though he is 90 rated, he cant catch up to the likes of Martial, vardy and so on. Is this the way fifa 20 is supposed to be played to win games?

Have pacey wingers and pass it to them and watch the other winger or ST run behind the defenders for a through ball and score? Because having high rated loan CB players didnt wirk very well. It seemed as if i was playing against a TOtS Martial because of gis speed?

Whats your take?
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fifa turned shit after 14

its all about money now and meta gameplay.
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GBC wrotefifa turned shit after 14

its all about money now and meta gameplay.

Meta has always been there just something different every year...fifa 12 was pace pace pace

This is the best fifa has been for years with content and gameplay

And ofcourse it's about money they have to make it
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I found out just how bad I am at defending, it's taking a lot time to get going but I'm starting to get a hold of defending but it's like no defenders can catch attack's in this game it's weird
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