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Im looking around to find a good new bed. Ikea looks nice plain okay priced beds, Nothing major but clean. all my tables and room things are from ikea so a bed could fit in nice. Since its very cheap, Whats the quality like etc. I know it wont be the best but is it strong and stuff? Anyone on here have one ?
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A couple of my family members have gotten some furniture and a bed from Ikea before.
They've held up for many years, if its a good deal I'd snag it.
Although I've always heard of Ikea being pretty pricey

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IKEA products are normally pretty cheap cause you have to assemble them yourselves and they are very basic.
That being said, if you treat them properly their products do last quite a long time.
Truthfully you're better off going and spending a good amount of money on a nice bed frame if you plan on keeping it for a long time, but I think ikea would be a good choice because it's simple, cheap, and they are pretty damn efficient.

Just set aside a day to build it, and be prepared to be angry quite a bit
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I go to ikea for a lot of my stuff and they've always been pretty good and sturdy
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When it comes to IKEA furniture it's cheap and cheerful. You get what you pay for I'd say 80% of the furniture in my house is from ikea and I can't say a bad word about it.
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Ikea is really nice if you are very do it yourself,I have never had any bad products from there.
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I don't have a review about beds in particular but the rest of my flat is all IKEA furniture and I think it's very good. I don't see why their beds would be any different.
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Has anyone ever used Wayfair for furniture? Looks very nice for the price but never ordered from there.
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