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I'm pretty sure plenty of us if not all have been an gamer before. I know I have I use to have gaming sessions up to 24 hours & looking back on it I'm actually embarrassed to say. Now that I have gotten older I can't even stand to sit in front of the TV for two hours. I'm just trying to see if anyone else went through this & no this isn't just a stage I'm going through I recently got rid of my Xbox & don't miss it one bit.

I'm actually trying to get into the hunting & fishing business well not actual business, but more of an hobby I'll say.
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Yeah I was the same, glued to my Xbox 24/7.

Now I play maybe once every few weeks.

I suppose it's just a part of growing up
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24 and still play games whenever but thats only when my friends have the week or day off their work, i rarely play games much unless i have nothing else to do.

gaming is a fun pass time, but nowhere near as i was back at 14 in 09 where it was when ever my moms ex husband would go to work so i played from after school till 1 or 2:30am every day for 3years until i moved and have played everything thats out there.

you could say i moved on from gaming all day, so i think anyone around my age and up feel that way as well, then there are those who never grew up and act like children who would downvote me for saying that if this was a reddit comment
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I had the same experiences growing up. Spent so many hours every day just grinding halo or cod. The thing is, I'm not embarrassed and wouldn't trade those memories for anything.

I had some of the best times of my life at 3am on Xbox, in a party with people I consider my best friends.

I can't do it anymore. I have no desire to grind all day and night, nor do I have the time. I'm glad I experienced it, but eventually it was time to grow up, work, spend time with the lady, and do things that benefit my life more in the long run.
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That is how I was/am for my xbox (until the new call of duty every year lol) I went through a point where I didnt even get on my computer. Now I balance playing video games on my computer with work and classes. I still enjoy it as a time to "de-stress"
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Have a divide in my friend group for this, some of us still play all the time and others only play like once a week or less now. Just depends on your interests
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I used to be glued to the screen when I was younger, looking back, it was awful
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Me too, when i was younger i use to remember still being awake early Sunday morning after playing through Saturday night, now i have no desire to play xbox haha
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Cod4/mw2 days were my prime for this. I used to actually stay up and train do multiple headquarters scrims. I was a comp sniper back in the day
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When I was younger, I'd sometimes play 48h non stop, good old days. Now I have a job and priorities so can't play much, but if I could go back to the old days, I sure would
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