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  • Winter 2019
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First, purchase and pay off a reliable car from a brand that is known for making vehicles that operate well even after 20 or so years

Then, tear down my house, and rebuild it, still keeping a modern design, nothing flashy, nothing huge, but make it one of the most secure houses ever, highest wind rating, impossible to break into, completely custom interior.

Then, I'd schedule a meeting with the head of my local ISP, and tell him I will find the crew, materials, everything needed to get me something better than the 25mb/s DSL router I have, that really only gets me 5mb/s over wifi in most places of my house, which is no fun for anyone.

Then, I'd go franchising, a few McDonalds restaurants here, a KFC over there, can't forget Taco Bell and Pizza Hut, That brings two good things which is "free" food, and a profit.

Then, I'd get my mom set up nice, she's a recent amputee, she was an in-home caretaker for a close friend with MS, and still is taking care of him, so she has access to that dudes vehicle, she does the shopping, but I'd do anything to make it even easier, another car, better insurance, stuff like that.

Realistically I could live off of 50m forever, I don't plan to have kids, and my girl actually can't have kids, so we'd be pretty good. She would also quit complaining when I buy stuff, as if enjoying life is a bad thing.

Then I'd just live the simple life, good car, sturdy house, good Wi-Fi, won't have to worry about bills and such, less anxiety, and I could eat all the garlic bread I want.

Imagine that, the things I would do with my lottery winnings is what boomers did as a regular thing back before they ruined the economy and housing market, my dream is to just not worry lol
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  • Christmas!
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nipls wroteI'd help my family out, invest, buy property, and indulge in all my hobbies

Other than helping my family out and buying a nice house not a big one just bug enough I wouldn't tell a soul it would be my little family's secret
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  • Halloween!
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buy a e28 m5 and save the rest for after school so my income can help my mortgage or rent while i have that money for travelling and back up just in case. Probably invest a chunk of it as well
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I'd set up in a reasonable sized house, invest some money and chill for the rest of my days
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  • Christmas!
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I would die of an overdose lmao
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  • Summer 2018
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My answer has always been the same for this; my mom will never have to work again and get everything she's ever wanted and would need, and I'd make sure my oldest cousin has a house and anything she needs to take care of 2 of my younger cousins, which are her siblings.

Probably help out other family and friends too, but those are the 2 I've always said would be first if I were to come into money like that.

I would also travel pretty much everywhere and try to experience everything I can.
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With 50 million I would obviously take care of my immediate family and probably invest for the future.
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