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So this is relevant to the news section because Russian and Iranian propaganda news sources (Russia Today, etc) are posting articles and a video claiming that Iran has got up close with a drone to a US Navy aircraft carrier and I have no doubt people will buy into the horse shit.

The article from Russia Today:

The video from Iran propaganda sources:

How it's fake:
    One of the destroyers in the video has no identification number typical on all US Navy ships

    The drone itself is relatively small, but would still produce a large enough radar signature (as well as infrared signature) for it to be very easily detected, as well as with eyeballs

    The US Navy simply would not let a drone from a hostile nation fly this close to a carrier

    The carrier in the video (CVN 69) has not been deployed for a long time

    Some sources claimed its recent and was a response to IRGC terrorist designation, again, see above point

    There are no people visible on the carrier deck - it's a carrier, it's always highly active

    The aircraft visible on the carrier deck have absolutely no squadron markings


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