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I miss the days when TTG looked like this.

Who agree's? The site looked like it had more content back then.

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Same it looked so sweet
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Dude for real honestly, that's a real tbt
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Even though 75% of those were completely dead
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Looks lit
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I do miss it, or rather I miss the popularity the site had. Don't get me wrong this site is still popping but back when I joined for the first 3-4 years it was a daily thing for me and helped me make friends that I still have to this day on here, xbox, etc. I like the new layout though its snazzy
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I still love the v4 Theme, it was very nice. I preferred v4 over v5 when it was first released but they've implemented most of the things I missed from v4 so it's an equal love for each theme now.

v6 coming tomorrow
(only epic gamers will remember)
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Ye man me to
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Recon wroteEven though 75% of those were completely dead
So true lmao
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