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If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?

I would go to Italy mainly because I love the culture and obviously their food! There is a lot of site seeing that I wanna do there

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Area 51, no second thoughts
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Tokyo Japan or Santorini Greece!
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I would go to Japan or Brazil. Beautiful countries.
If I'm the US, I'd go to California or Florida!
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I've always wanted to visit London, or even England as a whole.
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It's hard to choose between Italy or Norway. Although, I am going to Romania next month.
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I would travel the world. not to just one place but to every place i can in the world.

But New York, Bora Bora are my most wanted places to go.
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Germany because America is crap, our beer is crap, our politicians are crap, everything is crap, our president looks like a cheeto with a hair piece, and I just want to go to Germany so bad lol
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I would love to visit California at least once lol
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