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  • Winter 2019
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OK. Cool.
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  • Summer 2019
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Yeetnutbutter my sir, YeetNutButter.
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  • Winner!
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You are insane loke

and really cute

Congrats on 15k rep, I wonder what you'll be at if I ever hit 15k
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  • Summer 2019
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Great milestone, congratulations on 15k rep bro!
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  • Winter 2019
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Grats on 15k bro
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  • Blind Luck
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Grats on 15k see you at 20!
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  • Sensei
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Congrats boke
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  • Rated Awesome
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Congrats on 15k cutie.
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  • Winter 2019
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Congrats on the 15k my lil weeb
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I go away for 4 months and I come back to you still rep boosting, not a shock there. Congrats on the milestone!
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