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I've jumped back onto BF4 from V and I've been using jets as it's the only vehicle I don't have all the unlocks for ... and finding a air superiority game is non existent ...
I normally use choppers get a few kills and then get trapped by a engineer and another chopper which in the end guns me down or I have to bail at the last minute ....

Any jets I can't seem to get someone off my back once their on me which is frustrating (I rarely use them) and because I don't have lot of unlocks for them it feels most players have the advantage ....

Scout Heli :
ECM Jammer
Air Radar

Attack Heli :
Smart rockets
ECM Jammer
Air radar

Stealth Jet :
25 man Cannons
Laser guided
ECM Jammer
Prox. Scan

Attack Jet :
30 mm cannons
Laser guided
IR flares
Gyro Stabiliser

Any help is greatly appreciated

Thanks I'm Advance
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The way i did it for my helis and jets was to change the stick and button layouts then i joined empty servers where i could fly around stress free getting used to the sticks and the movement speeds of the vehicles, practicing more risky turns and dives flying close or even in some cases through buildings, once i got used to all that i went into proper games and used what id practiced and it seemed to have paid off, could be worth a shot for you man. Hope it helps..
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