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Ahri wrote
TaigaAisaka wroteI think the Xbox Pass was seriously one of the smartest choices Microsoft or any company for that matter could have done and at the price point too - not just the E3 $1 deal, but $15 in general - is a really great price for PC players to get to experience Xbox games without having to rely on downloading ROMs and Emulators. THIS is how you handle ROM piracy that companies have been fighting against, namely Nintendo. This in turn could also boost up console sales for Xbox by having some PC users come over to get an Xbox because there might be games over there they want to try out.

The Ultimate pass is genuinely the biggest money saver for anyone that uses multiple platforms, it's incredibly smart from Microsoft, it might target some niche players that uses both platforms to utilize both game passes, but it's incredibly smart for them to try and draw one platform to another.

Xbox are killing it right now.
This years kills their one from last year, much much smarter moves from them.

Looking forward to more crossovers to PC's too.
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Immediately upgraded too gamepass ultimate due to Gears 5 wooooo. Hyped
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  • E3 2019
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September 10 can't come soon enough for Gears 5. Definitely gonna be getting the ultimate edition to play it early.
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Craig wrote12Minutes looks interesting, I do like an interactive thriller. Will be wtching that one, I hope they don't over price it.

I'm not sure if it was the style of the game, but the framerate on the cars outside the window seemed like they were just behind and sluggish when comparing to the rest of the character movements, interactions and even the rain hitting the window.
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Gears 5 Multiplayer test on July 17th 2020

Game full release on September 10th 2020

Seems like they're not playing around with this Gears reveal, showcasing everything and dropping the release date instantly.
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dj wroteImmediately upgraded too gamepass ultimate due to Gears 5 wooooo. Hyped

Ditto haha. Super excited for it!
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Holy shit, gears look dope asf
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Holy cow Escape looks amazing but only 3 people, what happened to the traditional 4 player co-op go haha.
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Finally, a game I've been waiting to hear about!
It's time, Gears 5! September 10th was a rumored, and amazing date and I'm happy it will be on GamePass Ultimate as well!
The Terminator Dark Fate skin looks pretty brutal, and as a Terminator fan I approve of this! I will for sure play in the first week to grab that, I know that's a fact!
Glad we will get a chance to see gameplay from events happening before launch!

The Escape gamemode sure does seem different from what we have seen before! Although I really wish I was seeing 4 player instead of 3 player, it does sound original and fun!

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very stoked on gears that looks amazing cannot wait!
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