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What do you guys think about the new hyped up 2019 release?

I will start.. it's a touching story about terrorism, which states there will be a mission... maybe more? Worse than 'no Russian' off the all famous campaign story of MW2... in a way I'm looking forward to it but in a way I'm worried for feedback and impact it's going to have..

It's going to be all platform compatible which is dope!

But captain prices voice actor just don't tickle my fancy, seen him I was like no way! Heard him and I'm like ... eugh...

But I'm really looking forward to which is going to bring, looking forward to what the multiplayer is going to bring! oh... AND FREE DLC NO SEASON PASS! they really are treating us this year!

What do you guys think?
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Honestly mate, I haven't been so hyped for a COD like this one since Black ops 2,

The fact that they have made DLC free, Cross-Play and gone back to how to was just excites me so much

I've pre-ordered it already and just counting down the months till it comes.

Can't wait to see some Multi-player and Spec-ops gameplay too
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Of course people will have a negative impact towards the North Russian kind of stuff lol, Kids nowadays will just bitch about it.. They don't know what it was like during MW2
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mate, journalists are wanting to have the campaign watered down before release as its "too brutal" apparently!, they are showing us things that happen in real life but throughout the game which I personally think will be great! Yes from what I have been told some of the missions will certainly leave an impact on others, such as having the option to either shoot a terrorist or a child, and watching your dad get killed in front of you as you lie under a bed playing as a little boy...I cannot wait till this cod is released!! I'm more excited about the campaign
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I hope it's controversial. I hope they don't water it down. It's really needed in today's sensitive world
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If they have a mission that is worse than "No Russian" in MW2 in the world we live in today, there will be a ton of people complaining, but they've got to make a hell of game in all areas or COD will most likely be dead for good which sucks to hear but they've fallen off big time.
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