Moddingany good stealth servers for the RGH?Posted:

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I had xbonline but it looks like they dont accept pay-pal anymore and iv tried using my credit card and have not got a response back from them. So if anyone knows of good stealth server that I can buy using pay-pal let me know below please.
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ninja is the best but most expensive
teapot is really good kinda expensive
XBonline but kvs last about 1 week

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Xbonline or ninja those are the best ones I know of
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NiNJA, XbOnline or Teapot
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Ninja,streamahs stealth and teapot
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I would say ninja is the best server. Teapot is alright aswell.
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Ive used XbOnline for a long time never been banned, but ive recently moved to Ninja for a bit of change, both are great
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