ModdingAnyway to play MW2/Ghosts/MW3/etc with spoofed gold?Posted:

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I always had to buy real gold to host or play those games and other cods online except on BO2. Is there a way to play those games without having to buy gold trials?
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I use teapot and i dont need good for any of those
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ghosts you don't need gold, but for mw3 and below you will unfortunately. you can always just host in private match.
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For bo2 and newer cods you dont need gold but for the older ones you do
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Just get a friend to invite you and let them search for a game for you
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If the game is MW3 and below so BO1, MW2, COD 4, WAW etc then you need real gold as you said but you can bypass that by force hosting or having a friend host for you. Games released post MW3 you don't need to do that as most servers hold spoofing works.
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