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I agree man I really want to get back into fornite I really do. I played before season one and stop playing with the first battle pass game out. I just hate the building in this game. I agree it definitely takes skill but I just don't enjoy the building enough to teach myself how to do it. It's not fun to me. I'm a tourny/wager player and every battle royal on Players'Lounge is dead except fornite and apex. I enjoy apex I just don't like doing 1v1 wagers again full squads.
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hippiexex wrotewhy do people play like such ****** now on this game

I mean It makes me mad more than anything tbh due too it being a competitive game. I hated it at first I didn't start playing till Season 3 or so, By then the building had picked up and being a COD player I was about the Blackout hype so I was playing WWII in the meantime got master and now haven't played since only for prop hunt sometimes if I rage at Fortnite, PUBG or whatever lol. I only play with Squads for the gigs really and because COD's boring now tbqh Fortnites different you know. The skill-gap is something I don't think they can fix and when they do it makes the game worse if anything.

Just try take it easy and don't go for wins at first, Play Creative build battles with squads get best out of 3 on the go then try an online game. Don't rage, if you do take a break play some Team Rumble or Go for challenges you know.

HMU if you need some help bro
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