MilestoneSB Hero and Blind LuckPosted:

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There u go Mikey, hope you're happy


The Following 4 Users Say Thank You to Scxtt For This Useful Post:

Xbox (04-10-2019), C4 (04-09-2019), Mikey (04-09-2019), Maze (04-09-2019)
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Congrats on both of your new badge my man
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Congrats on the badges babe, was nice to see you get both of these bad boys while i was in the sb with you.

Great stuff xoxox
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congrats on the badges man! ty for gifting even tho i missed most/:
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Congrats on the badges boss
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Grats on Blind Luck Buddy
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congrats on the badge dude
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Congrats on milestone man!
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Congrats on the badges man.
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Congrats on blind luck man
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