GeneralIf you had to change your name, what would your new name be?Posted:

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So I was wondering if y'all had to change your real names to something of your choice what it would be?

My real name is Cam but I always wanted to be a Tony.

I have no idea why but Tony is a cool name.

What about you guys?
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Names Michael I would Chnage it to Kyle Mayb
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if i could change my name it would be to Gang
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My change would just be a different variation of the name I have now

I think I'm gonna do this anyways, other then that there isn't another name I'd want
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Id change my name to "hitler did nothing wrong" then goto a history class about ww2 and listen to the tutor call out my name in frustration£
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I would make it Joby
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If I could change my real name, I wish my name was Jarvis. Inspired by Jarvis Landry, not Ironman's AI.
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