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Biggest fear is not making my parents proud so it pushes me to work hard!
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The gym
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The fact that their is always something better in the near future
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  • Christmas!
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Working hard to succeed in life
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Newtons law of motion
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Work, gym and my pets
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This probably gonna get deleted but Recreational Drugs and my Pets lol
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What keeps me going is my goals that I want to achieve 1. Graduate, 2. Become a CRNA after college, 3. Make more money than my dad (Mom isn't really in the picture so I could care less about her.) But my third goal may sound like a dick thing to do but my dad has given me everything, a place to sleep, food, clothes, etc. And one day i want to be able to do that to him when he's older and retired just to show how grateful I am for him.
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