BasketballLeBron James becomes 4th on the NBA's All Time Scoring ListPosted:

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LeBron James has passed Michael Jordan on the NBA's All Time Scoring List and is now the fourth highest scoring NBA player in history! He also completed the remarkable achievement in over 1,200 shots less than MJ!

LeBron James now has a jaw dropping 32,293 points scored during his career and is now only behind Kareem Abdul-Jabbar(38,387), Karl Malone(36,928), and Kobe Bryant(33,643)

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It's now only a matter of time until he passes the 3 legends and becomes NBA's Highest Scorer of all time. Congratulations to debatably the best NBA player of all time, LeBron James!

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He'll surely pass Kobe, the other 2 I don't know, he has about 3 or 4 more years left, we will have to see. I notice his body is wearing down over these years which is sad honestly, such a great player man.

He's the greatest player to ever play man. Reason why Michael Jordan has 6 rings because he had a intelligent coach Phil Jackson, and had a supporting cast.

Lebron has had a few good teams, wish he would of stayed in Miami, he had a good team there got a few rings. Won one with a good team at Cleveland, had Kyrie, Love, Thompson. Lebron just hasn't have that luck to have a dynasty team like the Warriors or Bulls.
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Awesome job Lebron! I think he will in fact pass the other 3. It's just a matter of time.
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It's been an honor watching this man and his career, I am happy I was able to witness LeBron James pass his idol Michael Jordan for 4th all time. I believe he will pass Kobe and probably catch Malone but he will have to stay pretty healthy. Crazy to think this man will go down in the records as a top 5 scorer and top 5 in assists most likely.
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Dudes a legend. Can't believe I've been able to watch I'm play his whole career. He's done the unimaginable multiple times
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Long Live King James

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