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I stream and am currently opening my own business. So it's lit!
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i work at a car wash with some friends on the football team, they always have food for us we dont work on rainy days my boss is so chill. i love my job
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I don't love my job, but I definitely don't hate it. I do hate working though.
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Loved my job all of team are a funny bunch of lads.
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Cold called a sex worker once who tried to persuade me into giving them a merchant terminal.

True story it was like week 2 on the job.
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Eh, it has its pros and cons.

On one side I get to travel the country and the work its self is fun and I get paid dumb high amounts but on the other end the people I work for suck and it's hard to find love when you travel.
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Hate it and hate working. It sucks
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I like my job as I have my own office in the server room away from everyone else. Recently got a big tv up on the wall for using the software grafana on it to monitor servers & network.
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I love what I do, but hate where I do it at. If that makes since.
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I hate my job, but it's just so I can get through college.
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