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Hope you guys have had a happy new year, here too 2019 and it's gonna be the best year yet.

Spending the new year with my little one and missus and it's awesome. What you guys up to tonight?

Edit: ...and the first argument has just happened in 2019 LMFAAAOOOO

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Happy_Lobbies (01-01-2019)
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Happy new year Mikey have a good night!
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Happy new year Mikey I'm already in 2019 and we just got blind last night with all the boys yeww have a good night
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my plan as of right now is to play red dead 2 and watch anime i slept most of the day so for the rest of my night i will be watching some anime and playing red dead 2

happy new year everyone

new year new me
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Happy New Year Everyone!!
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Happy New Years Everyone here on the site!
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Happy New Years TTG!
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Happy new year my dude
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Happy New Year everyone.
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Happy New Year Everyone!!
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