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Well, I've been gone for a while and been busy. just went through Air Force basic training, graduated Nov 30th. Decided to come back here, turns out that while I was in BMT I turned into an 8 year member, now that's pretty cool to me. Never when I joined did I think what I learned here I would carry on with me. The site was a big part of my life for a while and I surely do miss it.
I'll be around

Love y'all. Here's a photo for yall that never seen me:


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So glad to see another TTG member doing so well in their life. Congratulations on completing basic training and becoming an 8 year member on the site. I know you're probably busy but just know we're all here rooting for you my dude!
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Thinking about joining a branch of the military myself when I graduate. But anyways, good luck with the Air Force and congratulations on that 8 years man. Seems insane to me.
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My man welcome back hope all is well dude
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Always nice to see an OG return. Welcome back man you were missed. Here's some gold for a bit of a celebration and a new badge.
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I still have a bit of time before my eight year anniversary but I'm excited for it. This site has had such an important part in so many of our lives

Congrats dude! Keep doing what you're doing
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Dad ur alive!!! Congrats broski.
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Grats on 8 Years Havent Seen u in a While
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Congratulations big guy, both great accomplishments. Hope to see you in the SB sometime.
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That's awesome man. A buddy of mine just got back from basic yesterday. Thanks for serving! Hope to see you around.
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