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  • Winter 2018
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it's all love now

7 years on this great site. Can't believe it's been that long since I came here to find a 10th lobby on Mw2. TTG is my favorite place on the Internet, thanks to everyone for making this community so amazing.
Can't wait to spend many more years here and continue the grind for milestones.

my bday present
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Nick and TastyCereal are cute as hell
i miss tastycereal

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Congrats on 7 years Maze.
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Congrats on the 7 years Maze, keep it cool brother!
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congrats on 7 years maze
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Congratulations on 7 years Maze, a user I see all over the site. Good to see you have remained active after all these years.
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Congrats on the 7 years, see you next year!
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Welcome to the 7 year club buddy.
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Grats on 7 Years Buddy
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Congratulations my guy!
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