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Any bot lobby's going on.. lmk
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Yeah, are there anyone offering this which is working well?
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People don't really do Bot lobbys for PS4 more common on XB1
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Nrzy wrotePeople don't really do Bot lobbys for PS4 more common on XB1
i beg to differ the ps4 is more popular in the player base but most people dont do open lobbies mainly only for friends, the xbox lobbies are open because there isnt as much players to play with on that console, 90% of videos i see for bot lobbies are mainly for ps4 with the occasional xbox one lobby with the persons gt, thats how i always see it since the glitch is exactly the same on all platforms, now no one does bot lobbies on pc i havent see a single thread on a pc bot lobby or even video, but like i said its mainly due to close minded people and people are scared of ddosers so lobbies on ps4 tend to be closed
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