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Just got blind gifter. Next goal is Ultra Gifter.

The Following 8 Users Say Thank You to Lease For This Useful Post:

Jxsse (11-29-2018), Ninja (11-29-2018), Matthew- (11-28-2018), TS7 (11-28-2018), James (11-06-2018), 40oz (11-06-2018), Maze (11-06-2018), Mikey (11-05-2018)
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Congratulations mate, and thank you for all the gifts you have done in the Shoutbox.
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Congrats man on your new badge!
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congrats man thats awesome!
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Congrats my friend!
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Congrats man. You're an awesome member in this community
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Congrats on the new badge my dude looks great
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Damn thats awesome you'd have to be a pretty decent person to achieve that badge

(I see more everytime i'm on right enough, Nice community
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