Generalwas you ever afraid of the dark?Posted:

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i remember i couldnt sleep as a kid without a light on lmao

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lol yeah same here. The dark still spooks me some times.
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I never was scared of the dark...snakes on the other hand I don't do haha
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The dark used to terrify me. I had a nightlight as well haha
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I've never really been scared of the dark even as a kid I wasn't scared. Even in the woods during hunting season I'm not scared. But then again usually I have a gun in the woods too. Lol
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i was never afraid of the dark i used to and still do hate sleeping with the lights
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I ain't gonna front on y'all I was spooked
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Only when I saw a scary movie lmfao that shit was intense! Until I was 7 years old.
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Never been scared of the dark i know when i was like 8 years old i woke up early hours put a film on which ended up being chucky and had dreams hahaah
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When I was a kid I was really scared of the dark. I wouldn't go outside when it was night time and whenever I was sleeping I always had a lamp light on.
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