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I made my pledge to vantage keep up the good work m8 :*


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My Pledge
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martin18 wrotegutted

Not really, I chatted with Team Vantage and its far from the end the patch that was applied was expected and it answered a really important question.

The current fix applied by Microsoft can be side stepped so that's good but the cool thing here is Vantage still supports the Xbox Anywhere list meaning any game on that list or coming to that list can still be supported without anything being changed. This is important because most Xbox one X games will use this system so it provides a future for Vantage


The community editor will help speed up mod tools for the anywhere titles. I'm sure a work around will happen pretty quick so older games can be supported again.
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Hey everyone, we released Vantage 2.0! It includes a storage explorer, a way to develop and share your own editors, a Gears of War 4 editor, and a redesigned file picker menu. Go to the download section to get it now.


Please note that only Xbox Play Anywhere titles are supported until further notice. Because of this, we removed the Modern Warfare Remastered editor. If you still want it for some reason, you can install it by pressing the + button and entering "npm:vantage-mwr-editor".

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how do i use the plus sign on the modding tool what is ti used for
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I can't wait for someone to make mods for fallout shelter and R.E. Biohazard!
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Sean wrote

I smell.. jealousy... with a hint of salt.
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So tempted to use this until I saw it signs you into the cloud in the USA.
For now I will hold off but looks amazing great work.
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