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dalm are you doing accounts still?
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This ones for my friend
Gamertag: GloBLeZNaTIonZ

Prestige: master

Stats: legit

Classes: all ^2Cain <3

Unlock all and all titles please.

Please notify me when done, he's not on it currently
Message GlobalBulletz when done not that one

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Prestige: 12 a.k.a max prestige

Stats: legit

Colored classes: all blue with the name god on all of them.

I will get off as soon as you message

Thanks so much
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Are you online rn?
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Dalm can I ask you something , I know you do recoveries and stuff but do you have that thing that can like make it so online you have over 10 slots in a class if you do can you like/Find useful but if you don't dislike/not useful
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Stats: Legit
Coloured Classes: yes
colour/name: ^5Dalm
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Game: BO2
Gamertag: brandon12499
Prestige: 11th
Stats: Legit
Coloured Classes: Yes. Name Mystic
Will you get off bo2 as soon as I message: Yes
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GT: LasH xX
Prestige master
Legit stats
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Gamer tag: sam1sSexy
Prestige: 13
Unlock all: yes
Couloured classes: sam 1-10
I'm already signed out of my account if you could please pm me when your done
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Hey Dalm, message me when we can do the MW3 modded lobby. GT - Fiests
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