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Can't wait to see more games with these saves
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Ethan Edit: Pony?
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When you go into the discord for support.

Thanks for the support.
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Hyped for this, it will probably be patched about 30 mins after the release like but yano, Vantage delivers a whole new ball game!!
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good luck dude, hopefully its coming along great

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Slowly getting xbox one mods wooo, cant wait for a tool for xbone games!
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Imagine in x amount of years when someone figures out how to do something similar to JTAG/RGH consoles but to an Xbox One lol
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Is there an ETA on the release of this? Days? Weeks? Or just 'soon'?

Wouldn't mind being around on release that's all
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Wonder how high the account/console ban rate will be. Don't really want to fork out to buy a new XB1 for doing offline mods lol

Hopefully there will be a hardware exploit released soon.
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This is gonna open up a lot of new doors!

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