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Edited thread.
Will design similar design as last year suitable for v5.

Backgrounds are unavailable as they are disabled in v5.

Thanks for those request and support breast cancer awareness in the month of October

God bless!

Will get requests ASAP
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Can I have a avatar and signature please?
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I'll definitely be supporting this 100%! can you make me some please?
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I would love to take one avatar Sig and banner, I support the need to get rid of cancer of everytype.
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Would love a signature, avatar and banner all that says "KyloCrux" in pink. Thanks bud.
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I support any type of cancer I'll use these banners/avatars/signatures
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Lost mine from last year, may I have another?
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Can I've one man ?
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Sadly I have changed my name since last year so can't re-use my old ones, I would love a new set saying "Rizzah" if possible.
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Made one myself, came out nicely in my opinion
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