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Breaking Bad, Dexter, Weeds.. too many to choose from, Walking dead, GoT etc
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My favourite film would be

About last night


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I've watched so many films, it would be too difficult to provide you with a favourite, but 'Edge of Tomorrow' was a great movie for me.

As for TV shows; I'm currently watching 'Peep Show' and I'm loving it. It's similar to 'The Inbetweeners', which I also enjoyed.
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Favorite TV series is by far Criminal Minds, excellently constructed show. Never seen another show with as many dynamic characters
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Spartan wroteMy favorite movie is either, How High I guess.

Show? Suits or burnnotice
that's that ivory boy. I handed it to the guy in the back.
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Mine would be,

TV Series: Breaking Bad, Nacros, Dexter

Movie: Green Street Hooligans and Hitman
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I'm a big fan of white collar
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Trailer park boys, then probably Seinfeld
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bob's burger and better call saul got my whole attention!
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My favourite film has to be any of the Harry Potter Franchise and as of to series it's got to be either the vampire diaries or the walking dead
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