Shoutbox / Chat Room Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Shoutbox and where can I find it?

The Shoutbox is the "Chat" room for all of our members to come together in one place. To go into the Shoutbox click the "Quick Links" button at the top, and then click "ShoutBox".

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Can I get a warning for something I did in the Shoutbox?

Yes, you can get a warning for anything that you do on TheTechGame. Shoutbox, Private Messages, Forums, etc. are all part of this website and we strive to protect our members, regardless of where they are at on the site. All site rules are in effect everywhere on the site, not just in certain places.

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When I post in Shoutbox, does it increase my post count as well?

No, think of the Shoutbox like a chat room. It has no impact on your post count or your reputation.

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What does it mean when (Muted) is beside someones name in the Shoutbox?

This means the member did something wrong and has been muted, which means they are not allowed to talk, for a certain amount of time. Global Moderators and Administrators are the only staff members who can mute another member.

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Who are the people with hammers beside their name in the Shoutbox?

Those would be the staff members who are currently active in the Shoutbox. Only Global Moderators and Administrators will have these hammers, also known as "Ban Hammers" beside their names.

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How do I talk to another person directly in the Shoutbox?

If you wish to talk directly with another member in the Shoutbox, then you will have to utilize the "@" symbol. If you want to carry on a conversation with Member1, there is two ways that you can do it. The first way, is to click the @ symbol beside the individuals name that you are wanting to speak with. For instance, if Member1 says "Hi", then the message from them will look like this, "@Member1 Hi." You have the option to click the "@" Symbol, or, you can manually type it in.

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