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Forza Motorsports 4 Modded Gamesave

Download Name: Forza Motorsports 4 Modded Gamesave  

Category: Xbox 360 Modded & Fun Saves

Author: x IF L ii X

Submitted By: TTG_TomBoii

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Item description:

100% legit i modded this save myself using horizon.
I have seen a fake one on here, and tried it, it doesn't work, so please download this one.

This is a massive modded save which includes:

- 999,999,999 Credits
- Level 200
- Hacked stats (9999)
- High leader board
- All cars (no unicorns, sorry)

There are no viruses in this AT ALL, im not like that, this is for ONLINE use aswell as offline but its not my problem if you get banned.

Modded by FLiiX

Contact me on Xbox for further information.

Gamertag - x IF L ii X


You will need:

- Horizon
- Modded Savegame

1. Go to your dash on xbox and move your "ForzaProfile" on to your USB

2. Go into Horizon and open your "ForzaProfile"

3. Next, drag in the modded save

4. Just copy the ID's from your save into the modded save

5. Now, rehash and resign (TWICE!) and click "Save to device"

6. Plug your USB into your XBOX 360 and load up forza 4, have fun :)

- x IF L ii X

Horizon -
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.

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Not a Chance


"Forza Motorsports 4 Modded Gamesave" :: Login/Create an Account :: 16 comments

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It said it was tampered with


BigCrunch Forza has built in protection to fight against swapping game saves.

delete the update and the game will be back to its original state.


can you make this into a zip file its really anoying to use because my laptop is windows 10


it says my profile has been tampered with help


One simple way round the anti-game save swap protect; keep it on the memory stick. Don't move it too the hard drive, it will break it.


in54n3 it comes up saying account tampered with cant use

same wtf is up w this damn save????


killermercury808 Delete the title update then clear system cache then if u download it will work

i did but it just loads and makes a new save how do i load this one


Delete the title update then clear system cache then if u download it will work


Its saves and loads but starts from the begenning


hey can someone give/make a save game Brian's Nissan Skyline GTR from 2 fast 2 furious.....and with many money...don't if it is a starter save impotant is the nissan gtr with the design
of brian's skyline nissan gtr from 2 fas to furious...TNX!