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SkyRoads (1993) [MS-DOS]

Download Name: SkyRoads (1993) [MS-DOS]  

Category: PC Gaming PC Games MS-DOS Games

Submitted By: Craig

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Item description:

Developer: BlueMoon Software

Publisher: Creative Dimensions

Release Year: 1993

File Type: Full Version MS-DOS

Formerly shareware, the game has been released as freeware by its developer BlueMoon Software, along with the rare X-mas edition.

Description (by Eric Savage,

You could play this game just for the amazing sound tracks, but the gameplay is also very catchy. Simply, you need to steer your space vehicle along the course, jumping and dodging blocks that will wipe you out when you're flying along at light-speed. Balancing acceleration and fuel usage becomes tricky when you've got a time limit to beat with hardly any fuel in the tank. Your reflexes and timing will be the difference between getting home safely and floating aimlessly through space.


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Related Forum: PC Gaming Forum

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