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Skyrim Role Playing Save - Ronan

Download Name: Skyrim Role Playing Save - Ronan  

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You start from the very bottom and have to climb up, with few gold coins you’ve earned with wood chopping, no clean warm clothes, not a single friendly face around you, no weapons but a woodcutting axe and a few vegetables in your sack. Also with you, you have a tome to inspire courage, the last gift your father left for you in these dark times. The main quest is disabled. Your map is completely empty. You know nothing about the Helgen dragon incident. You know nothing about your dragonborn heritage.

You start at the IVARSTEAD village
You’ve raised a TENT and spread your SLEEPING BAG
a FIRE with COOKING POT for cold nights and empty stomachs
You have a single non-respawning SACK
no more FAST TRAVEL, you are a wanderer, a explorer
CARRY WEIGHT is now only 120 for Hannah, 150 for Ronan (vanilla 300), that is equal to aprox. 55kg - no more carrying 20 2-handed weapons and heavy armors
over the chair, you will have to fight other NPC’s. They kinda like it. :wink:
choose to play daughter or son, Hannah or Ronan
Since you know nothing of the Helgen Dragon incident the main quest is not started / NO DRAGONS! / NO SHOUTS!
You are a survivor.

After the murder of your father, who was an Imperial noble fighting for the truth about the Thalmor conspiracy on the lands of Skyrim, you became a refugee for your life. You fled to Skyrim, the land your Breton mother called home. In the stealth of the night, guided by the remaining loyal men of your father, you took a caravan to Windhelm to join the Stormcloak rebellion. But the road from the Imperial city is dangerous and wild. One hour north-east of the fort Neugrad your carriage got ambushed. Your guards gave their lives to defend you against the group of mountain bandits. In the moments of panic, you lost the control of the horses and the carriage grazed over the mountain cliffs. Several days passed before you finally woke up, with broken bones in the tent of a lonely hunter. He found you and saved your life. Your recovery was long and painful, and cost you the perfection of the skills you knew. At the age of 17, you are born again. You are free to go wherever the road and your youth takes you. Good luck!


Put the game difficulty on Expert level
Disable the compass - use the sun or stars to navigate (it is possible)
Disable the crosshair - practice the shooting with arrows on some tree or corner of the house
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
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