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Skyrim Role Playing Save - An Honoured Start

Download Name: Skyrim Role Playing Save - An Honoured Start  

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You are Sarana, A Nord.

As only a newborn, less than a week old, you are found abandoned on the steps to High Horathgar.
You are taken in by the Jarl of Ivarstead, a kind but powerful Dremora Lord called Xelysian, and have lived a safe and sheltered life, protected by the mighty Jarl Xelysian and his band of powerful legionaires… Until Today!

You narrowly avoid death while visiting Helgen but manage to esacape with your life.

On your return to Ivarstead you discover it has also been attacked by the passing dragon and the Jarl is dead.

As the closest thing to a child he has ever had, his title passes to you…

To officially become Jarl Sarana of Ivarstead and discover the secrets of Ivarstead, please complete this quest.[/i]

Quest Started…BADABOOM…Save starts as you return to Ivarstead, from Helgen…

Becoming Jarl of Ivarstead

1. Retrieve Jarl Xelysians belongings from his chest in the Longhouse.

2. Retrieve the Key to the Dwemer Workshop from the Longhouse.

3. Find the Old Jarls hat hidden in the Dwemer Workshop.

- read note found with hat

[details=Open Me]-Note From Jarl Xelysian-
My Dear Sarana, this day has come, as i knew i would. Talk to the Gaurd at the grindstone beside the Mill. He has some things for you to return to the Museum along with my armor that you have already collected. This gaurd has 2 important items for you that will help guide you in your new future as Jarl, and possibily reunite you with me, Jarl Xelysian in the distant future. I have done all I can to offer you as perfect a sanctuary as I could, go forth and learn your true heritage my dear Sarana. Goodbye… for now[/details]

4. Find and visit the Museum.

5. Return the Old Jarls property to the Large Chest in the Vault.

6. Collect your Reward and unveil the secrets stored under High Horthgar.

7. Return to your new Jarls Longhouse

8. Quest Complete.
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