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Golden Axe save

Download Name: Golden Axe save  

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Golden Axe: Beast Rider 45/50
A+ Class achievements and Expert achievements
They will pop once you beat each first part of every level.

For the master achievements
You must do them legit.

Trials of Tyris achievements
All you have to do is beat the first one.

Gnome achievements MUST READ
For the achievements to work right you must load each save starting with Gnome Intimidator, Then Gnome Persecutor, and then Gnome Oppressor. Now For the Gnome achievements pick the Second Stage Diyar Highlands, and the Second challenge. There are 3 pots Hit one of them and a Gnome will pop out. Hit him 1 or 2 time and the achievement will pop.

MAX Titan Bonus and 100% Titan Bonus
From cheatahh
“Help for max titan bonus.. taken from another forum...

How to get easy 100% and 1000% Titan Bonus

On Second Chapter, There is a point that 2 mage will be respawn infinitely if you not kink them to the sacrificial door. Use RB to counter their spell and you will get 5% each time success. Do it until 1000%.

Warining : Don't miss any counter. If you get hit, Titan bonus will be gone.“
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