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You're in the Movies - 900GS Save Set

Download Name: You're in the Movies - 900GS Save Set  

Category: Xbox 360 Downloads Xbox 360 Game Saves

Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

Before using the save you will need to play 1 game legit to unlock
+ First Audition 5G
+ Going Solo 10G (if you only play with one player)
+ Make a Movie 10G

[b]SAVE 1:[/b] - by Kero
Now play 2 games with this save.
The first game will unlock 'play 3 games'.
+ Epic 15G
+ Make a Trilogy 20G

The second game will unlock 'play 5 games'
+ Make a Series 25G

After completing 2 games now you have 'Director mode' unlocked'.
Create and save a movie in director mode to unlock
+ Budding Director 10G

[b]SAVE 2:[/b] - by Connortaylor
Play and score 9999 in a minigame to unlock
+ Movie Editor 20G
+ Generator 20G
+ Sound Engineer 20G
+ Puzzle Master 20G
+ Frantic Fun 20G

Play one game to unlock
+ Carny 20G
+ Zen Master 20G
+ Country Kid 20G
+ City Slicker 20G
+ Beach Bum 20G
+ Cater for Most 30G

[b]SAVE 3:[/b] - by Kero
Before playing the last game left
Play and score 9999 in a minigame to unlock achievments
(Check what mini games you do not have the achievments for and do one of those).
Play a full game in a movie that has ALREADY been completed.
Play the final game left to unlock the final achievments

You should now have 900GS

Now we just need a save for the final achievment (Complete all 30 movies in 4 player mode)
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.

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That's a lot of gamer score, thanks for uploading