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Battlefield Bad Company - 1k Save Set

Download Name: Battlefield Bad Company - 1k Save Set  

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Battlefield: Bad Company Save Set Guide
Saves are NOT in legit order! Do Normal Mode saves, then Hard Mode, then Misc saves.
Also, if there's not a description of how to use a save, it either pops on load or is

Hard Mode Achievements:

Save 1 - Action Not Words & Killer On The Loose (50G)
Save 2 - Capitalist Pigs, Very Nice (25G)
Save 3 - Cart Wheels & 3 Others (85G)
Save 4 - Pick up the M2CG in front of you and wait for the helicopter to fly overhead.
Shoot it down and repeat 2 or 3 times to unlock Here Is Your DD-214 (30G)
Save 5 - Russia & Death From Above (45G)
Save 6 - Say Goodbye To The Gold & 2 Others (55G)
Save 7 - Where Are They Going So Fast & 4 Others (75G)

Miscellaneous Achievements:

Save 8 - Upon load, you and your crew should already be in a boat. Pull a U-turn in the
boat and take it over to the little island with the "X". Once there, you shoud be able to
locate the M24. Picking it up will unlock Clean Sweep (25G)
Save 9 - Upon load, hop out of the vehicle you're in and look directly to your right.
There you should see a little dirt road closed off by barbed wire, etc.
Follow that road until you come to a blue sign and some ruins to the right. Go to the
right of the blue sign and up the hill. You'll come to what you see in the pic in the
save folder to unlock Gold Digger (30G)
Save 10 - Run up the steps behind you and once you get to the top, stop and wait a
second and you should unlock On Top Of The World (30G)
Save 11 - Staying Alive (15G)

Normal Mode Achievements:

Save 12 - Always Get Paid In Gold Bars (15G)
Save 13 - He Might Come In Handy (15G)
Save 14 - Run forward and hop into helicopter to unlock Hold On! & Check My Grill (35G)
Save 15 - Drive boat to red triangle to unlock Let's Take That Boat (15G)
Save 16 - Not Even A Nugget! (15G)
Save 17 - Pick up the M2CG in front of you and wait for the helicopter to fly overhead.
Shoot it down and repeat 2 or 3 times to unlock Sir, Yes Sir! & use the laser designator
to take down the chopper for One In A Million (50G)
Save 18 - You And What Army (15G)
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