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Crysis 3 100% Save Game

Download Name: Crysis 3 100% Save Game  

Category: Xbox 360 Downloads Xbox 360 Game Saves

Submitted By: Sean

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File Size: 1.43 MB

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Everything is unlocked and collected. Supersoldier finished. i got all singleplayer achievement.
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"Crysis 3 100% Save Game" :: Login/Create an Account :: 2 comments

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Nothing was unlockted in this savegame only the nano suit was maxed out upgraded which btw is useless cause u only get earn a achivement if u buy the last upgrade for the suit! so basicly u the creator lie about that you played true all modes and this was a waste of time to play! if you want a really good save why not just save before u buy the last upgrade for the suit so u at least earn 1 achivement!


i have tested this savegame and it was hell btw it was saved whit a maxed out nano suit sure but useless cause this didnt help much also this save was not even played on any dificulty besides EASY MODE! cause if it was beaten on any other mode you could have switch betwean dificulties which u cannot. also fact is that it gives 0 Achivements for eather fully upgradeing the suit as well as 0 achivements for any mode play true. so this is not 100% completed and besides this fact also when u spawn and even complete the parts then theres another mission followed after where u die every time where u get blown up by a helicopter which pisses me off the most! so there is nothing good about this savegame so i trew it in the garbage where it belongs whit the rest of this crappy game!