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Hitman Trilogy HD Professional 500 GS Achievements save (Hitman:

Download Name: Hitman Trilogy HD Professional 500 GS Achievements save (Hitman: Contracts) NTSC  

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Submitted By: Sean

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People asked for this save file from me for a long time, SO I MADE IT!!!

Loading this save and starting any level will pop achievements.
Completing any level will pop more achievements.
Other levels will need to be loaded and played to pop other achievements.
The only achievement I cannot help (aside from advice) is the one for 47 kills.

FOLLOW the Read Me file attached for proper save usage! (Note: Youtube links are not my videos)
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.

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Well i played true the game of hitman absolution/contracts and i have made my own savegame where i did legit complete the 47 kills whit the sniper rifel! heres how to do it legit! after completeing every campaign mission i play true my game like maby 5 times and how i got it was by replaying the mission the last one where you have to kill A Bunch of the agency Guards ec as revenge at this one level you spawn useing the Sniper Rifle Repeat it and then i did a total of 47 headshots whit the sniper rifel and this unlockted that one achivement! so if anyone needs this send me a message on here.i just havend shared it yet.but if request this savegame message me on The Tech Game at smos999 or send me a message on the xbox on FewerPrawn9866 im just a legit player i dont hack dont mod i just happend to play this game on pc before i had it on xbox and spent about 10 years of time on all hitman games so Repect my authority!