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Star Ocean : The Last Hope ALL ENDINGS Achievements

Download Name: Star Ocean : The Last Hope ALL ENDINGS Achievements  

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Submitted By: Sean

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Hello! This is a SO:TLH save with all endings Achievements!
Just go fight the last boss which has 2 parts and then watch the looooooong cut scenes!
For Crowe and Faize ending you must wait till the credits are finished!
The boss is easy. All you have to do is use RT or LT all time during the battle!
All characters have max HP,Att,Def, etc.

Thanks to Cybersam's MSE Jörmungandr editor it was easier for me
to play the game from the start so i could get all endings since i only had Reimi's lol!
There will be more achievements unlocked if you play for the 1st time a total of 480Gs with endings
included and if you keep playing you may unlock more i think.

NOTE: Sometimes if you go to inventory and search it the game may freeze so just restart
your xbox. It happened to me like 2 times during the entire game play so is not a big deal and is not my fault.
Probably some values went too high Anyways you just got my save for the Endings Achievements so is ok!
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