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[US] Mega Man X Legacy Collection Semi Save Set [CUSA10785]

Download Name: [US] Mega Man X Legacy Collection Semi Save Set [CUSA10785]  

Category: PlayStation 4 Downloads PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: MSD009,

Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

Hello, these are some games that I can get out of my game.
I hope it will help you save some time in the first Mega Man X, I will add more games depending on how you advance in the game.

If someone wants you to show your saved here, please tell me. Obviously all the credits will be given to the one who contributes some saved.

He's Actually Called Vava - Use the saved "Re-Armed" and try to pass the first level of Mega Man X in any of its 2 Versions (USA or JAP) and see if pop trophy. (Not checked yet)
In Buster We Trust, Just Plain Dillo - Pass the Armored Armored level and use the power of Electric Spark and remove the armor from the first shot. Finish defeating him and you will get both trophies.
Gimp My Ride - Use the saved "Re-Armed" and choose the level of Chill Pinguin and in the area where you grab a big robot to climb on. Go further ahead where you will find an enemy with ride armor. Beat it and the pop trophy.

Pretty (Devastating) In Pink, Never Hear to Be Careful, First Armor - First go to the Flame Mamut level and pick up the missing piece of armor on that level and you'll get the First Armor trophy (Video min. 8:14). Second go to the level of Spartk Mandrill, once there you collect the last missing heart that is inside the level (Video min. 0:00). Finally when you get with Spark Mandrill down life with the shotgun ice power until you have little life, when this to nothing to die you shoot with normal power charged to the maximum and ready.

Re-Armed - Go to the level of Sigma and pass the level until you meet Vile and Zero fighting, when you finish the first confrontation with Vile, Zero will sacrifice and die but before dying he will give you his arm arm and shortly after pop trophy.

In the Heart of Battle - Go to Armored Armadillo level and use all the time the power of Sting Chameleon loaded to the maximum and before falling from the platform jump to the top of the boss's door and grab the life capsule. This must be done 5 times, by the fifth time the machine will come out to learn the Hadoken. (Video min. 9:09)

It´s Over and Nobody Nose My sorrow - Go to the sigma level and go through all the final bosses until you reach the last boss who is sigma. Defeat in the 3 phases and pop trophy. Along the way you will face all the bosses again among them to flame mammoth, use the power of Boomerang Cutter and cut his trunk and ready pop trophy.
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