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[EU] Far Cry 5 Lost on Mars 100% [CUSA05904]

Download Name: [EU] Far Cry 5 Lost on Mars 100% [CUSA05904]  

Category: PlayStation 4 Downloads PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: NGU:ycheah

Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

This save is set to easy so all the trophies shouldn't require too much effort.

For 100% completion you have to start the DLC campaign on your own and finish the introductory mission.

It is very last mission so you have nearly all the guns for easy fights against the arachnids.
You spawn in the western region of the map just go to the marked spot in picture1 and ingame for the fight againt the 15th queenie.
You have the best weapons at your disposal and can go for the two combat trophies (Bug Squasher and Slimy Death) in this fight.

After the final queenie fight you should have enough spacejizz to pay for the final gun.
if not just sell the picked up energycores from the queenies guts for 1000 jizz each.
This nets you The Queen is Dead and Mars Second Amendment.

Afterwards go/teleport to the final mission marker and beat the campaign.
This nets you Nick's Story.

The Martian Journal trophy will be added later but version 1 of this saveset is at 15/28 so have fun.
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