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State of Decay 2 Resource save

Download Name: State of Decay 2 Resource save  

Category: Xbox One Downloads Xbox One Game Saves

Author: Petite

Submitted By: Petite

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Version: 1

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This save can be placed in a save folder on your PC after download then load the game on your pc after that simply place something in the storage box sand save and exit.

Data will sync over to your xbox one when loaded.
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"State of Decay 2 Resource save" :: Login/Create an Account :: 3 comments

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xbox play anywhere app , you load that app (game) on your PC and you must create a xbox playanywhere app game save folder to your

computer . in the sandbox and load up the game, state decay 2 on your pc or laptop , the game should have state decay folder

with the downloaded game save in the folder , load up the game on pc , and the game save should auto load all the upgraded state decay stats . then log out .

then when you play state or decay 2 on your xbox console , your modded game save will be on your game on the xbox console .

not to complicated . it worked for me just read the instructions and use alittle thing inside your head (brain)

good day nice game save


bassman_b4 it will not open for me. what program must be used to see file

Did you get the file to open let me know how did you do it do I have to go on Xbox to use the downloader


it will not open for me. what program must be used to see file